Try, Try and Try Again.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Albert Einstein

“I am thankful to all those who said “No” to me, it’s because of them I did it myself.” – Albert Einstein

I really could kick myself.  Hard.  In the head if I could.

But I can’t so I won’t try.  The last time my foot ever stretched close to my head I was able to suck my big toe.  I was about 16 and, thankfully, I’d had a bath beforehand! I guess I’m going to have to learn my lesson another way (and probably less painfully, although when I think back to last week I wince every time.  Purely from mortification) and I think I’m getting there .

Let me explain: I thought I had prepared for my dream interview, I’d predicted the possible questions I would be asked and had rehearsed my responses accordingly.  I believed that I’d performed well on the day and was even told as I was being shown around after my interview that this was a ‘good sign’ and that it was only in exceptional circumstances that candidates were given The Tour.  It was a beautiful sunny day, I went home bursting with excitement and then commenced ‘The Wait’.  Five  days later I was feeling pretty anxious to say the least and, let’s face it, I knew I had been unsuccessful by that point.

But I hadn’t had official confirmation yet and so that little flame called Hope was still burning.

That tiny flicker of possibility died out at 16:00 in the afternoon of that fifth day when an e-mail came through like a breath of sudden cold air through an open window, although I immediately grew hot and clammy when I clapped eyes on it.  I knew they’d never e-mail a job offer to the successful candidate so there was a long 10 seconds where I just stared at the new message that had popped into my Inbox before I finally got the courage to open it.  Confirmation of the fact that my application wouldn’t be taken any further slapped me in the face with its matter of fact black, stark words on the white screen.   I admit that I cried.  Sometimes you just need to vent the frustration.

And now?  And now I’m going to try again.  I will watch for suitable vacancies with the company I so much would like to work for and when I find one I will fill in the application form and if next time I’m offered an interview I will be even more prepared.  This first interview was a learning curve (I was just chuffed to bits I’d even got through to the interview stage) and that’s great because I’m going to be better and wiser thanks to some great advice I’ve received from some brilliant people I chatted about it to this last week.   That’s the beauty of talking with other people.  Seeing things from a different perspective.  Realising that there’s another way of approaching a situation and that it’s not the end of the world.  Valuable lessons learnt and I’m feeling positive again.

You’re asking why a 16 year old girl was sucking her big toe aren’t you?!  Oh very well I’ll tell you.  I was trying to touch my nose.  I wanted to see if I was still as supple as I was when I’d last performed this feat of elasticity in my limbs (I was probably 6).  Can I still do it?  Hang on…..I’ll just give it a try……

Yes I can!!  37 years young and still got it!!  Although my ankle clicked in a rather weird way…..

I’ll leave kicking myself in the head though.  A sore head and a sore ankle are not things I covet!  :)

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